About us

G. Veryovka Ukrainian National Honoured Academic Folk Choir is a unique performance ensemble, which represents all the best from the inexhaustible source of folk art from all ethnographic regions of Ukraine by their perfect art.

More than 70 years ago Grigoriy Huriiovych Veryovka organized and became the first director of the ensemble, and it is named after his since 1965. In the same year the choir was awarded the title of Honored. In 1971 the ensemble was awarded by the Academic title and in 1997 has got the National status.

The choir program includes historical Duma, Cossack and Chumak songs and dances, humorous choral scenes, domestic, ritual lyrics – songs and dances performed at the harvest festivals, weddings, and Christmas carols, shchedrivkas. The choir concerts include also the singing treasures of many Nations. Organic for ensemble became original compositions in which music, singing and dance act as the triune component.

Repertoire range of ensemble reaches from ethnic and folk to classical arrangements of a Cappella and songs by contemporary composers; from vocal-choreographic scenes, songs and folk performances to folk-Opera-ballet. E. Stankovych , “Blossom of fern”, in which folk motives successfully synthesized with modern compositional techniques of writing and arranging. Our ensemble has made available that what used to be impossible for the folk choir seemed.

In the ensemble repertoire each group fully reproduces vocal music and dance folk culture in all regions of Ukraine. Each piece of music is performed in its original form.

The National choir consists of 158 people.